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Exhibit 1

This is an oil painting parody of Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party.” Instead, I inserted my cycling friends. The whole process is explained in my blog page.

Other exhibits of my artwork:

the Portland Head Light 30 x 40′ acrylic on canvas
Custom made Elliptigo Key Fobs with your phone number stamped on the reverse #elliptigo
Pastel House portraits by commission
Setting up ” the Rig” for plein air painting
The Beach Farm Inn done en plein air
Some digital art
Set design and construction for the Good Theatre, Portland, Maine
pastel portrait of the Drum Major of the U.S. Coast Guard Band
Upcycling a cigar box
The Rose Diner, a study in perspective
“The Pod” study for a mural
working on the 5 x 10 foot mural
“The Nubble” mural
Scrimshaw on salvaged Corian 4 x 4 inches
Light house scrimshaw on vintage piano key 1×2″
Porstmouth, New Hampshire does not allow you to paint from a parking place unless there is a vehicle in the space, hence my VW Cabrio The QR code leads to my website. TRY it.