Here are various types of artwork featuring my favorite exercise equipment:

the elliptigo cycle:

Elliptigo Scrimshaw Key Chain Fobs

Seems every car nowadays has an electronic fob or key. These are quite expensive to be replaced. Why not have a custom keyfob with your own bike featured? This is a stamped metal fob with your phone number on the reverse.

I can do the LS model, the Rsub and Msub models in your own favorite color.

I use piano key replacement tops. These are synthetic Ivory. Cost is $24 apiece and includes shipping to the US. Use contact info to ask for one.

Fine Art meets the elliptigo

“clicking” image will get you to my fineartamerica site where you can get mugs, t- shirts and artwork. They arrange payment and shipping. Have fun.

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San Francisco meets the elliptigo