Scrimshaw key Fobs

Now that we all have electronic keys, we should assure that your keys may be returned if lost. Electronic keys are worth up to $500 apiece.

My custom key chains include a design done in scrimshaw and your phone number stamped on the opposite side. You and I design these together. I can do any of these stock designs or we can select another .I cannot do copyrighted logos.

Cost is $24, shipping included. Send me an message from the “contact” link on this website if you are interested.

Corian scrimshaw art panels.

This is the same panels you can see in my Corian Scrimshaw course that I recently taught at the Hampton Public Library.

Always looking for a new medium for scrimshaw. This is a piece of salvaged Corian. It is 4 x 4” “ Sailing Ship” Opus one of this technique- not for sale.

“The Nubble”
Soe of my small art pieces now have a built in slit for wall hanging and felt corners in case you would like them for a coaster. Corian CANNOT be used as a trivet for hot pans

added some color in the Portland Head Light Corian. This piece is in private collection.
A friend’s sailboat. In private collection.

Trying a new view of a ship sailing away. “ The Galleon”

Full sail coming home “ The Clipper Ship” Built for speed these ships could sail at up to 22 knots plying he tea trade between China and England.This piece has been sold.

“Bug Light” South Portland Maine

This piece has been sold.

Starting to inset the scrimshaw pieces into base made from a recycled piano.
Trying to get the rigging on a Nantucket Whaler. 4 x 6 Corian

Key racks, coat racks

NOT your ordinary key rack. Upcycling piano keys for this visual pun.
“ The Key Rack”
Wood is oak from an old upright piano. corian insert.

Cribbage Boards

Made in conjunction with my piano- upcycling friend, Steve, These wooden boards are created from the wood of pre 1900 upright pianos that were headed for the burn pile. holes are precision drilled with woodworking computer. The keys I work on are the finger part of the piano key from the same piano- upcycled for scrimshaw.